Temeke Lutheran Church (Tanzania)

We are companions, and we accompany each other on this journey of faith, to the praise and glory of Christ Jesus our Lord.

To accompany is, by definition, “to go somewhere with someone as a companion or escort.” That is the best description of Gloria Dei’s relationship with Temeke Lutheran Church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

We are both going somewhere. Where? On our journey of faith. And, on this journey of faith we are accompanying each other. We are walking with each other, trusting each other, learning from each other, helping each other, and praying for each other.

Our relationship began in 1994 when both Gloria Dei and Temeke signed a companionship agreement.

Building Relationships

Since then, many members of Gloria Dei have visited Tanzania, and many from Temeke have visited us.

Gloria Dei hosted a young lady from Temeke for four years as she pursued an undergraduate degree from Finlandia University.

Temeke hosted a few of Gloria Dei’s pastors on their various visits.

Growing Knowledge

Every year a professor from Finlandia University (also a member of Gloria Dei) brings a group of her students to Dar Es Salaam and they always make a point to spend some time with Temeke.

Every year Gloria Dei provides scholarship money for students in Temeke (chosen by Temeke Lutheran) to receive higher education that they normally would not have access to.

Worshipping Together

Every year, our respective churches set aside the Day of Pentecost as the day we worship together. On this day we intentionally give thanks to God for this relationship and pray for each other’s specific needs. We may have sections of the worship spoken in each other’s language. We may sing each other’s hymns. Whatever we do, we are in solidarity with each other.